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Future of Coding Weekly 2023/02 Week 3

2023-02-19 23:07

🎥 Datalog Notebook 💡 Self and Self: Whys and Wherefores ✍️ Towards Text-Editor-ish UX 🥼 Digital Scientific Notation

Our Work

🎥 13/02/2023, Datalog notebook via Peter Saxton

🧵 conversation

Vimeo Thumbnail

Made a code notebook for datalog queries.

As there is no plain text (or parser) does this count as another structural editor

📗 wasmfromthegroundup.com via Mariano Guerra

🧵 conversation

Prototyping an interactive WebAssembly spec interpreter for wasmfromthegroundup.com


🥼🎥 Leibniz in four minutes via Konrad Hinsen

🧵 conversation

A four-minute demo of Leibniz, my Digital Scientific Notation

📝 Oatmeal - Moon maker via Eli Mellen

🧵 conversation

Inspired by re-reading Naur’s “Programming as Theory Building” I decided to make myself a text editor to solve all my problems… tl;dr I wrote a blog post and some bash instead 😂

🔌 Hello World | Playground | Visual Programming for the Modern Web via Gabriel Grinberg

🧵 conversation

Hello everyone! 👋 I am thrilled to share the progress made with Flyde with this community of like-minded individuals.

Flyde is an open-source, flow-based, and visual programming toolkit that prioritizes exceptional UX/DX and seamless integration with existing code. The toolkit features a VSCode extension, visual debugging, full TypeScript support, a rich standard library, and is designed to work in tandem with existing codebases. In essence, Flyde is similar to NodeRED, but geared towards web development.

This is the first time I am sharing Flyde with a broader community, and I believe feedback from such a talented, inquisitive, and passionate group of people would be invaluable to the project.

Check out the interactive playground here - flyde.dev/playground!

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and feedback! Additionally, a star on GitHub would be greatly appreciated! 😊

Thinking Together

💬 Kalvin

🧵 conversation

Does anybody have any examples of version controlled projects that use visual programming?


🎥 Donald Hoffman: “Evolution is like a videogame” via Kartik Agaram

🧵 conversation

(Quote is from The Case Against Reality | Prof. Donald Hoffman on Conscious Agent Theory, which I'm not sure if I'll finish.)

💡🎥 Self and Self: Whys and Wherefores via Jack Rusher

🧵 conversation

Youtube Thumbnail

There's loads of good stuff in this one.

✍️ Towards "Text-Editor-ish" UX via Lu Wilson

🧵 conversation

I like this kind of 'hybrid' editor direction!

📕 The Reasoned Schemer reading / learning via Paul Tarvydas

🧵 conversation

The Reasoned Schemer reading / learning

Devlog Together

🌳 Visualize a Mastodon thread tree via Kartik Agaram

🧵 conversation

Today I put together a little visualizer for Mastodon threads. The graph layout is nothing special, but:

  • it has structured keyboard shortcuts (up for parent, down for child, left/right for siblings) which might be more useful for understanding a complex thread
  • as always you can live-edit it so it's hopefully easy to improve

One other little integration: opening links in browsers opens up all sorts of cross-platform cans of worms, so I ended up just copying a URL to the clipboard any time you click on a toot.

🎥 mastodon-unfurl

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