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Future of Coding Weekly 2023/02 Week 2

2023-02-12 22:01

🎙️ FoC # 62 Fred Brooks • No Silver Bullet 🌳 Outable: Outline + Table ☁️ Define Define 🚰 Safe Stateful Language for Streams

Our Work

📚 WebAssembly from the Ground Up via Mariano Guerra

🧵 conversation

With Patrick Dubroy we have been working for some months on a digital-first book "for JavaScript programmers who want to learn the nuts and bolts of WebAssembly. You'll go from hand crafting bytecodes to building a real compiler for a simple programming language."

🐦 Announcement Tweet

On top of writing a book we are exploring what's possible if we create content ignoring the constraints of "printing dead words".

Follow WasmGroundUp for updates, or sign up at wasmfromthegroundup.com.

🚰 SQRL: A Safe, Stateful Language for Event Streams via Josh Yudaken

🧵 conversation

Hey all, finally released a pretty cool (well I think so) demo of the rules language DSL we built for fighting spam/abuse/fraud/all-the-bad-stuff at Smyte (acquired by Twitter). It's heavily SQL-based but includes a lot of features for working with very large teams, deploying new rules in seconds, and tracing which rules caused an action to occur.

Demo: websqrl.vercel.app/twitter

Docs: sqrl-lang.github.io/sqrl

Motivation: sqrl-lang.github.io/sqrl/motivation.html

Would welcome any comments/questions. Just glad to finally get this out the door 🥳

🎥🌳 GlooData Outables: Outlines + Data Tables via Mariano Guerra

🧵 conversation

Youtube Thumbnail

Outables: Outlines + Data Tables

  • Row & column pagination

  • Customizable number of rows and columns per page

  • Pin & Hide columns

  • Expand a row to see all fields

  • Ctrl + Click to jump 10 pages

  • Ctrl + Alt + Click to jump to first/last page

🎥 ☁️ Define Define via Lu Wilson

🧵 conversation

Youtube Thumbnail

hello everyone please enjoy my new video that I've been working on for a while now. it's about a few different topics that might be relevant to you such as programming, creative coding, life, art, intelligence, definitions and dead fish

💬 Jason Chan

🧵 conversation

Hey everyone! Really excited about this new feature we shipped today at Subset, which allows you to jump between your different files kind of like Notion. I’ve noticed that I have a ton of little trackers and calculators that I eventually forget about, but every time I come across it again, it reminds me of a task I need to do. Ultimately, it makes individual files and spreadsheets less ephemeral. Here’s what it looks like. Next up we probably need some grouping or favoriting system. Let me know if you have any thoughts 🙂

🎥 Subset Demo

🎙️ Future of Coding • Episode 62 Fred Brooks • No Silver Bullet via Ivan Reese

🧵 conversation

Jimmy and I have each read this paper a handful of times, and each time our impressions have flip-flopped between “hate it so much” and “damn that’s good”. There really are two sides to this one. Two reads, both fair, both worth discussing: one of them within “the frame”, and one of them outside “the frame”. So given that larger-than-normal surface for discursive traversal, it’s no surprise that this episode is, just, like, intimidatingly long. This one is so, so long, friends. See these withered muscles and pale skin? That’s how much time I spent in Ableton Live this month. I just want to see my family.

No matter how you feel about Brooks, our thorough deconstruction down to the nuts and bolts of this seminal classic will leave you holding a ziplock bag full of cool air and wondering to yourself, “Wait, this is philosophy? And this is the future we were promised? Well, I guess I’d better go program a computer now before it’s too late and I never exist.”

For the next episode, we’re reading a fish wearing a bathrobe.

Sorry, it’s late and I’m sick, and I have to write something, you know?

Devlog Together

💬 Jason Morris

🧵 conversation

Before and after. Does the paragraph form seem "better"? Took a surprising amount of work, because I had to abandon the NLG being done by the reasoner and write my own version that knows how to deal with nested terms. I'm thinking the new one is probably better for validation, worse for debugging, but I'm not sure.



🖼️ Canvas Experiment via Oleksandr Kryvonos

🧵 conversation

hi everyone, I have created another canvas experiment and now I am not sure if this is the way to go for me … maybe next time I will start with pen&paper prototype first

Thinking Together

💭 by Jim Meyer

🧵 conversation

Code is a weird medium. It can act directly upon the world at scale. The only other "things" that can do that are the fundamental forces of the universe.

Code is essentially a kind of Jinn/Genie: Agency in a bottle. Jinn also translates to "beings that are concealed from the senses".

Invisible beings that control our world and battle for our attention. Sounds about right 😁

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